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A Deep Dive Into the Twin Cities' Indie Hip-Hop Scene

From the outside looking in, you wouldn't know it — but Minneapolis has a thriving hip hop scene, with deep roots.

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Meet Sims: The Indie Rap Artist and Conscious Foodie

Indie rap artist Sims is known for his stellar stage presence and sick rhymes. Offstage, he's talking about our health and the food we eat.

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From the Phonograph to Spotify: The History of Streaming Music

Discover the preceding elements of internet radio that turned us into a society of streamers.

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In the Streaming Era, How Do Most Users Consume Music?

A study found that while many people use streaming music services, even more watch music videos on YouTube. In this Music+Tech era, how are people really consuming their favorite tunes?

WeWork Summer Camp For Adults: Do What You Love (Plus: Kayaks, Beer, and Co-Ed Cabins)

Sure, Summer Camp seemed life-changing when you were 14. WeWork wants you to try it again in adulthood. The results? Nothing short of transformative.

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Minnesota Nice Kids

I’ve long struggled to describe the intangible pull of the Twin Cities.

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From Cattle Ranching to Hip-Hop, a Family's Love for Clean Food Prevails

What do a grass-fed cattle rancher and indie rapper have in common? It's all in the story of Sylvia and Dessa, the clean food-loving, mother-daughter duo.

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Why We Interviewed a Bunch of Rappers About Marketing

As the rap group Dead Prez once so perfectly phrased it: This is bigger than hip hop. This is about the humans behind the music, their journeys to and through it, and how it’s not only shaped their lives, but those on the receiving end of their work.

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If Spotify Acquires Gimlet, What Does It Mean for the Future of Podcasts?

Digital music service Spotify is rumored to be acquiring Gimlet, an original podcasting company. What could such a move mean for the future of tech's slow takeover of audio entertainment -- and for the creators of such content?

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News & Trends By HubSpot

Read all of Amanda’s written work for News & Trends by HubSpot.

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Meet the Most Badass Female Chefs in New York

It’s high time to bust through the kitchen’s glass ceiling.

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How A Florida Couple Changed My Life With Hot Sauce

Hot sauce alone is old news. Festival Hot Sauce, on the other hand, is potentially life-changing, thanks to its creators, Derry and Ann-Marie Montoute.

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The Art of Getting People to Listen

As someone who’s written about both marketing and music, it’s a question that naturally occurred to me: How are the two related?

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After 10 Hours of Questions for Mark Zuckerberg, Here's What I Still Want to Know

After sitting in on Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearings this week, I still have questions. Here's what I want to know -- and how I foresee this playing out.

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Organic Authority

Read all of Amanda’s written work for Organic Authority.